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Rahul Gehlot

The attribution of world renowned handicrafts to the Blue City of India, Jodhpur is historical. Situated northwest of the river Luni, the erstwhile kingdom of Marwar which is known as the modern day Jodhpur still cherishes and preserves its awespiring traditional arts.

The love and care that the city instills in its arts is evident in the fact that handicraft is the largest industry of Jodhpur which even surpasses tourism at the heart of one of the major tourist destinations in the entire country.

Whether it is wood or metal, glass or cloth or leather, functional furniture or decorative units, the thriving industry handmakes articles with the best in class aesthetics and ergonomics to create an unparalleled air of tradition and culture blended with modern decor.

The use of rich colours and intricate and detailed designs and depictions of the Rajasthani culture is a unique and distinctive feature of Jodhpuri handicrafts which remains well received and appreciated across the nation and the globe. This uniqueness and radical and uncommon artistry is what has carved an ever expanding and appreciating niche for itself across the globe and has brought the city to the centre of the world handicraft stage.

As a result, the city has emerged to become one of the major hubs of handicrafts in India with exports soaring exports all around the world.

It has also allowed the handicraft sector to play a very important constructive role in the economy of the region and empower and provide platform to the weaker but very talented sections and individuals of the society resulting in the strengthening of local cottage industries. With all the modernization in the country and the region, the industry has still managed to keep the air of tradition intact and afloat while successfully meeting international standards in quality and safety which is what fuels the unique appeal and character of the Jodhpuri handicrafts.

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